It's all about the biome

In conjunction with homeopathic treatment, it's imperative to bear in mind that maintaining healthy gut flora is without doubt the first health consideration we all need to have. Our gut flora is attacked from all angles by stress, poor diet, a lack of sleep, alcohol and of course by antibiotic use. 

Eating the "right" foods to keep the biome in good repair is perhaps slightly easier for us as adults; when I knock back my daily dose of apple cider vinegar, I turn red and feel as if my head might explode, but I can - and do - tell myself I'm doing it for my flora. Encouraging my kids to have a tablespoon of vinegar once a day, on the other hand, would require a bribe so enormous that I'd have to remortgage my house. 

If your kids have had repeated doses of antibiotics and are liable to have repeated illnesses, see a homeopath to address the health of their whole constitution, and consider adding a good probiotic to their smoothie. Good probiotics taste of nothing, so you can replenish their biome without having to take recourse to bankruptcy inducing bribes. 

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