Reduced cost Student observation clinic.


I’m very excited to be mentoring some trainee homeopaths and looking forward to helping them gain experience of the consultation process.

Therefore, I would like to offer homeopathic consultations and remedies at a reduced rate to smooth the transition into the British winter, which can often be a time for lower immunity and an increased number of illnesses in our children and ourselves. 

The consultation and treatment will be at exactly the same high standard usually provided by Southsea Homeopathy, the only difference being that students studying homeopathy will be present during the consultation. Their role will simply be to observe, and they will be bound by the same confidentiality regulations as myself. Sitting in with fully qualified and experienced homeopaths is an essential component of homeopathic training. 

The cost of combined consultation and homeopathic remedies will be £25. This offer applies only from 23/9/19 to 20/12/19. 

Homeopathy successfully addresses a wide range of health issues from recurrent colds or ear infections, to headaches and anxiety. Homeopathy harnesses the power of naturally derived remedies to address the root causes of illness to alleviate discomfort and prevent recurrence. Please get in touch for more information.