HRT Crisis. What crisis? 


Doctors are saying that they facing difficulties prescribing HRT due to a national supply crisis. For GPs there is only one way to prescribe for the menopause, and that is HRT. Therefore, for a lot of women, the prospect of that prescription suddenly becoming unavailable is very distressing. 

What I would like to say here is that there is most definitely more than one way to manage peri menopausal or menopausal symptoms, ones which do not involve artificially delaying the inevitable cessation of the menstrual cycle. 

The homeopathic pharmacy offers many alternatives to HRT, the majority of which will be plant or mineral based (two are pictured here) and they do not have side effects. The selection of the best suited remedies would be based on the individual woman's experience of the menopause; homeopathy understands that no two people are exactly alike, which is see as one of its intrinsic beauties. 

So there may be an HRT supply crisis facing the NHS, but that need not be a crisis for any woman.