5 good reasons to use homeopathy

1.     Sustainability. Homeopathy is one of the greenest and most sustainable healthcare options out there. Its dilution process creates thousands of doses from a single sample of the original substance. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, it does not rely heavily on petrochemicals or involve lots of packaging. 

2.     Holism. Homeopathy considers the person as a whole: if you suffer stress headaches, your homeopathic prescription will encompass both the headaches themselves and your own personal response to stress. This kind of approach, which examines root causes, can not only remove symptoms but prevent recurrence. 

3.     No side effects. The process of creating homeopathic remedies refines the medicines to remove toxicity. In this way, homeopathy is safe enough for babies and use during pregnancy. 

4.     Pharmaceutical-free home prescribing. It is very easy to become a home prescriber and use homeopathy to treat simple problems that you or your family may have, such as cuts and bruises, minor burns and sprains, upset tummies, or insect bites and stings. 

5.     No animal testing. Homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy humans only. 

These five reasons are only the beginning of what makes homeopathy a real health alternative for you and your family. Please get in touch to find out more.