Manage your child's conjunctivitis with homeopathy

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctivae, which are the membranes covering the eyes. The inflammation can be due to a bacterial infection or can be an allergic response. In either case, following the advice below can bring quick, pharmaceutical-free results for your child.

Euphrasia eye bath 

This plant's common name is "Eyebright" (pictured above) and not surprisingly, it is used homeopathically and herbally for many eye complaints. Your child will find the following very soothing: put 10 drops of Euphrasia tincture into half a pint of water and bathe your child's eye 4 times daily.

Breast milk

If young breastfed babies have sticky eyes, use breastmilk to bathe the eyes.

Additionally, select the most suitable homeopathic remedy from the list below, and give it to your child three times daily in the 30th potency for 3 days or until the symptoms clear, whichever comes first.


Use this same remedy internally too if your child's conjunctivitis is characterised by red eyes and hot tears, sometimes with a runny nose too. This conjunctivitis is likely to be an allergic reaction.


Give this remedy if there is a lot of thick, yellow or white discharge which glues the child's lids together during the night. The eye symptoms may come hand in hand with a cold, and your child may well be very needy and clingy with their illness.


Consider this remedy when your child's eyes sting or burn, and when the eyes and eyelids are swollen and red. The child will want to have cool applications on their eyes to make them feel better.


Give Belladonna at the onset of symptoms, when the child had pink or red eyes which they say feel hot, their pupils are dilated and they are hypersensitive to light.

Please consider seeing a professional homeopath if your child gets repeated bouts of conjunctivitis to address the underlying susceptibility.

You can find all the homeopathic remedies mentioned above at I hope this was helpful, but if you need any further advice, don't hesitate to get in touch.