Manage your child's food poisoning using homeopathy


A bout of food poisoning can end up in vomiting or diarrhoea, or - if you're really lucky - both! The symptoms are usually short-lived, but as they can be rather nasty, the following remedies can come in very handy. Choose the most appropriate remedy from the list below and give it in the 30th potency every 2-4 hours until symptoms lessen. If the symptoms persist, seek professional help. 


This is the first remedy to think of for food poisoning. It is said to be wise to have a sick bowl handy when you give Arsenicum, as this remedy will help the body to expel what it definitely doesn't want inside it. The child may have burning diarrhoea or vomiting, and are likely to be at their worst around midnight. They will be chilly, restless, anxious and needy. They'll be thirsty, but only for sips of water.  

Pulsatilla (pictured here)

This remedy will suit the child whose symptoms come on after eating too much rich food such as ice cream. The child will become very burpy and thirstless. Pulsatilla characteristically suits the child who is clingy, tearful and demanding when ill. 

Nux Vomica

The child needing Nux Vomica will be bloated and gassy and will sometimes feel they want to be sick but cannot. Nux Vomica also suits the child who feels better for having opened their bowels, but then has diarrhoea again immediately after they eat or once they get up in the morning. They'll be chilly and irritable, and their symptoms may come on from food poisoning or from overeating. 

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