Easing your child's vaccination with homeopathy


The controversial subject of vaccinations is one that every parent has to face early on in their child's life. The purpose of this blog entry is not to discuss the pros and cons of vaccination. I would simply like to make practical homeopathic suggestions to help parents deal with the after effects of the injections. So if your child is due a vaccination, you might like to arm yourself with the following remedies to make the process less painful and stressful for you and your child.


Give Arnica 30 just before and after the injection, then again every three hours for the rest of the day. Arnica is for the bruising and trauma in general.


Ledum is the number one remedy for puncture wounds, so if the site of your child's injection becomes inflamed, give Ledum 30 three times daily until the swelling goes down.


Give your child a dose of Aconite 30 if they are very upset by the injection and the Arnica hasn't calmed them sufficiently.


Consider giving these remedies in the 30th potency every three hours if your baby gets a fever post vaccination. Other remedies that may help your child's fever are described in a another of my blog entries.

All the above remedies are available from www.helios.co.uk. Feel free to get in touch for any further help and thanks for reading.