Homeopathy to ease your child's trip to the dentist

Below are some tips to help take the fear and the pain from your child's next trip to the dentist. Please note that the following advice applies equally to adults. 


Give Aconite 30 to your child if they begin to panic or feel very scared in the waiting room. Having some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy handy would be a great idea too, and works brilliantly alongside the Aconite. 

Argentum Nitrate

This is a big anxiety remedy, and would apply to children who begin to dread their visit to the dentist the day before. Give Argentum Nitrate 30 twice the day before the appointment and then once on the morning of the visit. 


Give a dose of Arnica 30 before any appointment which you know will involve some intervention, however slight, as Arnica will minimise the impact in terms of both bruising and bleeding. Give Arnica 30 every 2 hours afterwards for the rest of the day, and three doses spread over the day for as long as symptoms are still felt. 


Add a few drops of Calendula tincture to a cup of cooled, boiled water and use this as a mouthwash to help promote healing after dental work. 


This is the first remedy to think of when there has been damage to the nerves, resulting in shootings pains. If your child has had to have an injection to the gum, this will be the remedy to think of. Give Hypericum 30 hourly while these strong shooting pains are felt, and reduce the frequency as the pain subsides. 

I hope this has been of some use. All the homeopathic remedies mentioned here are available from www.helios.co.uk. Feel free to get in touch for further information.