Detox your body post labour using homeopathy


However complicated or simple your labour has been, most mothers will want more than anything to be able to be utterly present during the first hours and days of their child's birth. The following remedies will help you detox following anaesthetic, pain relief and syntometrine, allowing you to be very much in the moment.

Take the most suitable of the remedies below in the 30th potency every 3 hours till symptoms shift.


This remedy applies if you've had pethadine or morphine and have been left feeling irritable and sleepless.

Nux Vomica

This remedy also applies if you're feeling snappy and unable to sleep, and is suited to clear the after effects of any pharmaceuticals you've been given.

Opium (pictured here) 

Take this remedy if your anaesthetic, pethadine or morphine has left you feeling like a space cadet and very sleepy.


This remedy applies especially post anaesthetic when you're very sleepy and spacey, and may also be feeling nauseous or even be vomitting.


This remedy is specifically to clear the after effects of using Syntometrine, which is the drug used to deliver the placenta.

My thanks to Miranda Castro, whose excellent book "Homeopathy for Mother and Baby" was very helpful in writing this blog entry.

All the remedies I've mentioned here are available from, as are many more to deal with all aspects of pregnancy and labour.

If the symptoms mentioned above linger, please get in touch. Many thanks for reading.