Heal oral thrush using homeopathy

Oral thrush is a relatively common issue for young babies. Babies develop white patches in his or her mouth and on the tongue. These patches can become sore and make feeding a painful and therefore stressful experience for parent and child. 

If you're breastfeeding, wash and then dry your nipples thoroughly after each feed to prevent the thrush being passed backwards and forwards between you and your child. If you have signs of thrush yourself, treat yourself homeopathically with the same remedy that you give to your child. Limit your intake of sugar and refined carbs, which can otherwise make matters worse. La Leche League GB's website has a very informative page on Thrush and Breastfeeding for more information if your child is breastfed. 

It is also important that all teats and dummies are sterilised. 

For babies who are weaned, be sure to avoid acidic foods that can make your child's mouth sting. Chilled food can be soothing. 

In addition to these measures, give the best indicated homeopathic remedy from the list below in the 30th potency 3 times a day for 3 days. If symptoms persist, contact a professional homeopath. 


This is the first remedy to think of especially for breasted babies. The baby's mouth might feel hot while feeding. The area will clearly be very sensitive as the baby may refuse to feed. 

Kali Mur

Give this remedy at the onset of symptoms when the baby's tongue is becoming white and coated and there are no other strong symptoms.


The baby requiring this remedy will probably be very dribbly and have developed canker sores in the mouth and on the tongue, which will be very coated. 

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I hope you found this helpful; please don't hesitate to get in touch for further information or advice.