Homeopathy for chicken pox


Chicken pox is a health rite of passage for every child; it may not be much fun at the time, but will serve to develop your child's immunity.  If chicken pox is doing the rounds at your child's nursery, it might make sense to arm yourself with some of the homeopathic and natural remedies outlined below so you can minimise the irritation and stress for you and your child. 

In addition to the homeopathic remedies listed below, consider also the following natural methods.

To help itching and avoid scarring, dab diluted cider vinegar (1 tbsp to 1 pint of water) on to the very itchy spots.

A warm bath with lavender oil, bicarbonate of soda or oatmeal will also help the itching.

Once the spots have burst, use calendula cream or lavender oil to prevent scarring.

Choose the best suited homeopathic remedy from the list below and give it in the 30th potency 3 times a day while the symptoms persist. Be ready to change which remedy you give your child as the symptoms change in line with the progression of the illness.

Rhus Tox (pictured left) 

This is the number one remedy for chicken pox. It calms intense itching in a child who'll naturally be very restless.


This fever remedy will be more applicable at the onset of symptoms when your child is running a temperature with a flushed face and skin which is hot to the touch. He or she may complain of a headache and be drowsy but unable to sleep.


This remedy will be suitable for a child who gives Oscar-winning performances for their suffering in any illness. They are whingy, tearful, clingy, and really can't cope with their symptoms. They're likely to be thirstless and feel better for cool, open air.

Antimonium Tartaricum 

Use this remedy when your child's and (your) suffering is prolonged by the fact that the spots are taking their time to develop. This remedy will serve to accelerate the process. You may find that your child also has a cough or cold.

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