Homeopathy for Osgood Schlatter


Hi all. This is a quick post to offer some help to those parents whose kids have Osgood Schlatters. This condition can cause major issues for children aged 10-15 who already have enough going on in their lives, without being prevented from getting their angst out on the football pitch or on the track.

Homeopathy can offer a way to speed the healing process. The remedy Calcium Phosphate used as a mineral salt, restores tone to weakened tissue. It will thus help in the replenishing of the tissues which have grown very quickly and in turn brought on the Osgood Schlatters.

Give your child Calcium Phosphate 6x three times daily till symptoms subside. Calcium Phosphate is also one of the biggest growing pain remedies. Obtain this remedy and all things homeopathic from helios.co.uk - go to Remedies then Tissue Salts. Thanks for reading!