Using homeopathy to manage your child's cradle cap

Cradle cap is extremely common. It can range from white, flaky patches on the top of the scalp, to thick, yellow scales, which can be very smelly. It is caused by an overproduction of sebum by the glands in the hair follicles.

Cradle cap isn't pretty, but do tread carefully with it, as it can be the precursor to eczema, which is a far harder issue to manage. In practice there are many examples of babies whose cradle cap was treated with steroid creams, which suppress the eruptions, leading to the baby then developing eczema.

If your baby has cradle cap, try the following techniques:

Rub almond or olive oil generously on to your baby's scalp at night. This will soften the scales, which can then be removed the following morning with gentle shampooing or combing. 

Avoid picking off the crusts.

If the cradle cap seems to be irritating or itchy for your child, apply calendula cream.

Consider consulting a professional homeopath if your baby's cradle cap is severe or persistent.

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