Teething and homeopathy

It takes the average child from around 6 months old till they're about 2 and a half to cut their full complement of 20 teeth. That can add up to a lot of sleepless nights and frayed nerves for parents of children whose teething causes them a lot of pain. Homeopathy can really help ease the pain for your child and therefore for you too.

Chamomilla, homeopathic Chamomile, is the remedy numero uno for teething. The child who could do with a dose or two of Chamomilla is extremely cross and stroppy, will demand one thing then throw it to the ground and will only be appeased when carried or rocked. Being a parent to a child in a Chamomilla state will stretch your patience and forbearance to their limits. The child's cheek may be very red on the side where the gum is inflamed, and their teething might well be accompanied by some pretty obnoxious smelling nappies. Should this description rings any bells, give your child Chamomilla 30 hourly if the symptoms are intense, but for no more than 6 doses at a time.

The child requiring the remedy Pulsatilla, homeopathic wind flower, is an entirely different kettle of fish. This child will be whinging and clingy, crying pitifully, and will often be very snotty while teething. Similarly to Chamomilla, the Pulsatilla child will want to be cuddled, but will also be appeased by being in the fresh air. In such circumstances, give Pulsatilla 30 3 times daily over 3 days if required.

A third remedy to consider is Belladona, homeopathic Deadly Nightshade. The teething child in a Belladonna state will be very restless and may well quickly develop a fever with burning red cheeks and gums. Their symptoms are likely to be at their worst in the middle of the night, right when you least want them to be. Give your child Belladonna 30 every half hour till the fever subsides for up to 6 doses.

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