Nappy rash and homeopathy

Despite the best hygiene and preventative measures, most babies suffer from nappy rash from time to time. In some children it can come as a response to changes in diet, washing powder or nappy brand, while in others it is connected to teething or being generally under the weather. As ever, there is much that homeopathy and natural medicine can do. 

Before looking at natural solutions, it's important to identify between straightforward nappy rash and thrush. If a breastfeeding mother or the child her or himself has received antibiotics, thrush can be a knock-on effect. Unlike nappy rash, thrush can spread above the belly button. 

If your child develops nappy rash, consider the following measures:

  • Replace wipes with water to which a few drops of calendula tincture have been added.
  • Dry the area thoroughly.
  • Once dry, add calendula ointment if the skin isn't broken.
  • If you're not using disposable nappies, ensure that the cloth nappies have no soap residue, otherwise consider switching to disposables temporarily.
  • Let your child be nappy-less for as long as your nerves and your carpet can stand.
  • If you're breastfeeding avoid spicy food and citrus, which can irritate the nappy area. Also, cut citrus out of your child's diet as it makes the wee acidic. 

In addition to these measures, give your child the remedy from the list below which best matches their symptom picture. 

The child needing Apis, or homeopathic bee sting, will have a rash which is hot, red, swollen and angry looking. It is worse for washing and better for open air.

Rhus Tox, homeopathic poison ivy, often has sore spots or blisters which are better for washing and covering.

Homeopathic Sulphur suits a dry, red raw nappy rash that might be bleeding. It is much worse for heat and better for being uncovered, and is likely to be concurrent with teething. 

Take the remedy that best suits your child's rash in the 30th potency 3 times a day for 3 days. If this doesn't crack it, or if the rash is recurrent, seek professional help. All things homeopathic are available from

I hope that's been helpful. If it has, you might also want to take a look at my blog entry from last week about how homeopathy can help with teething.