Travel tips and homeopathy - Sunburn

Hello again. As a nation, we are brilliant at getting sunburnt; when the sun finally comes out, we go a little nuts and our skin pays the price. In this instance, as in so many others, prevention is far better than cure, but if you find yourself impersonating a lobster, homeopathy can do much to ease the pain and repair the damage. 

A note of caution first: if your burns are extreme, i.e. covering 5% or more of the body, if you have a fever over 40 degrees Celsius, if you have a fast pulse or feel dazed and confused, you need to seek medical help immediately. Be especially careful with children, whose skin is thinner and more sensitive. Take Cantharis 30 (see below) half hourly till you get medical help. Whether severe or not, there will be a loss of fluids as a result of burnt skin, so stay hydrated. 

If your sunburn can be self-managed, apply Calendula lotion (one part Calendula tincture to 10 parts water) to skin that is unbroken, and repeat regularly until the pain and redness subsides. Cantharis, the Spanish fly, is a major remedy for burns and burning pain. It has been used medically at least since Hippocrates, and was used by the Marquis de Sade (though not medically...), and whatever was good enough for the Marquis de Sade is definitely good enough for me. Take Cantharis 30 hourly till the symptoms lessen. 

Now here's an interesting remedy: Sol is potentised sunlight and can be used for any ill effects of the sun such as sunburn, sun headaches, prickly heat and so on. Take Sol 30 up to 4 times a day for 3 days. Sol can also be taken prophylactically: if you or your children are very fair skinned and you're off to much warmer climes, take Sol twice a day for the first few days of your holiday to help your skin get used to the sun. 

Go to for all the remedies mentioned above, and I wish you very happy and healthy holidays.