DIY homeopathy: Managing anxiety

What follows is some advice on how to deal with one-off periods of anxiety using homeopathy. It is not meant as a guide to coping with persistent and longstanding feelings of anxiety, for which help from a professional is certainly required.

If you are experiencing a brief period of anxiety such as before taking a flight, interview, exam or other important event, or after hearing bad news, then there is much that homeopathy can do to restore calm and help you through these trying times.

Before considering which remedy from the list below might match your feelings most closely, take a look at your diet, and make sure you reduce your intake of caffeine and other stimulants to an absolute minimum. Also, you can use Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of five Bach Flower remedies, alongside any homeopathic remedy.


Aconite is for high-pitched feelings of anxiety that can even reach a sense of terror, where there might be a fear of dying. Whatever the source of anxiety, the person needing Aconite will be convinced that disaster is ahead. Take Aconite before and after any experience you know will result in these feelings.

Argentum Nitrate

This remedy suits feelings of anxiety rather than outright terror, and this anxiety can sometimes bring on diarrhoea. The person requiring Argentum Nitrate can often experience feelings of claustrophobia, perhaps in relation to flying or going on the tube.


The person who may benefit from Arsenicum will be prone to feeling unduly anxious and to experiencing extreme responses which are best calmed when given TLC and far worse if the person is left alone. The worst time for these people is around midnight, when the fear and restlessness is at its most extreme. Arsenicum suits those who are neat and tidy and who have a strong streak of perfectionism; anxiety will only serve to exacerbate their fastidiousness.


This remedy suits those with anticipatory anxiety in a stage fright kind of situation. The Gelsemium person gets the shakes and may feel like they have lost control of their extremities, which can result in feelings of weakness and tiredness. Gelsemium people can suffer anxiety in open spaces, when they’ll need company to allay their fears.


People requiring Phosphorus are characteristically extremely nervous and sensitive. Their anxiety may be heightened when alone in the dark or twilight, and are very afraid of storms. Their anxiety is greatly alleviated by sympathetic company. 

If one of the remedies above matches your own situation closely, then take it in the 30th potency twice a day for no longer than ten days or until the period of anxiety has subsided, whichever comes first. The remedies can be easily obtained from   Please feel free to get in touch if there is any other information you need.