Top Ten kids' homeopathic remedies to have at home #10


As a parent to four children, Pulsatilla has saved me from being entirely grey - as yet. Pulsatilla, the Wind Flower, has rescued me from otherwise sleepless nights and stressful days with a poorly child or two. 

Pulsatilla can be used for a great many complaints, but only when the child is displaying the following symptoms: tearful, whiny, clingy and having changeable symptoms. 

Pulsatilla children with a cold will have copious amounts of bland yellowy-green snot which might dangle decorously from their nostrils. With their cold, they're likely to be tearful, whiny and clingy, and the snot will pour one minute then the next the nose with be blocked. 

The Pulsatilla tummy ache is likely to have been brought on by overindulgence in the rich foods that Pulsatilla kids love: ice cream and cake. (Pulsatilla is a great remedy to have in your bag for the trip home from kids' parties.) Alongside the stomach pain, the child will be, yes, you've guessed it, tearful, whiny and clingy. 

Pulsatilla is also a primary remedy for kids' coughs. As this remedy applies when symptoms are changeable, the cough can be dry or loose and rattly, but the cough will often be accompanied by gastric symptoms. 

Pulsatilla can be the right choice for many other complaints including earaches, fevers and colds, always with those central core symptoms explained before.

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