Top Ten kids' homeopathic remedies to have at home #9


Magnesium Phosphate (Mag Phos). 

Magnesium Phosphate, or Mag Phos, affects muscular and nervous tissue and can be wonderfully soothing for all kinds of muscular spasms or neuralgic pain. It's so soothing that it is known as the "homeopathic aspirin". 

What characterises this remedy is that the pain will be better for warmth and/or pressure. A child with cramping abdominal pain like colic, will bend double to ease the pain. Your older daughter with period pain will want a hot water bottle on her abdomen. Your teething baby will feel better for warm drinks or something warm on the cheek of the affected side. Children's growing pains will also feel better for warmth. All of above situations would be soothed by a dose of Mag Phos. 

If your child has symptoms like those described above, give Mag Phos 6 or 30 and watch their reaction. If the pain backs off but returns, give a further dose and repeat for up to 6 doses. Unlike other homeopathic remedies, Mag Phos is even more effective when given dissolved in warm water.

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