Top Ten kids' homeopathic remedies to have at home #3



When I was taught this remedy for the first time, I was advised to have a sick bowl handy when administering it to a patient with a dicky tummy, as it is the first remedy to think of for food poisoning. It is also a primary remedy for every parent's nightmare diarrhoea and vomitting.

Arsenicum, however, has a very wise sphere of action, healing fevers, allergic reactions, respiratory problems and flu.

The typical presentation of a child requiring Arsenicum goes like this:

The child wakes suddenly in the small hours with a fever accompanied by a headache, breathing problems or an upset tummy. They'll be anxious, restless and very needy as they'll be scared of being alone in the dark. They'll also be extremely fussy. As symptoms progress, a child needing Arsenicum will have burning pains and burning discharges, but will be extremely chilly and want to be kept warm.

If any of this sounds familiar, Arsenicum could really help your child bounce back quickly without the need for pharmaceuticals.

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