Top Ten kids' homeopathic remedies to have at home #2


This simple mountain daisy is the number one first aid remedy for healing after injuries. It is the first remedy to think of when there has been any kind of trauma, as it acts quickly to reduce swelling, pain and bruising as well as easing the feeling of shock that usually goes hand in hand with injuries.

As a parent it is an incredibly useful remedy to have at home to ease the pain of bumps and bruises, nosebleeds, vaccinations, dental visits, nosebleeds, overexertion, sprains and strains.

Give the remedy internally and also as a cream.

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Fellow homeopath, Vanessa Gabbett and I will be running an information session on these Top Ten remedies for home prescribing on 9th July at the Havelock Centre, Southsea. Please get in touch for more information.