Homeopathy for your summer holidays #1 Travel sickness


If your holidays tend to get off to a tricky start with a child who is prone to travel sickness, consider the homeopathic remedies below.

The two biggest remedies for travel sickness are Cocculus and Tabacum. Look at the descriptions to see which remedy suits your child better, and give it to them slightly before you start out on your journey and again if the symptoms come on.


This remedy suits a child who suffers when travelling by car, boat or plane. The child feels dizzy and sick, and will want to lie down.


This remedy will help a child who wants to be out in the fresh air to help their nausea and dizziness; they’ll hate to be in a stuffy atmosphere. The travel sickness this child experiences may come alongside sweating and feeling chilly.

In addition to these homeopathic measures, consider taking some ginger biscuits along with you; ginger can reduce nausea very effectively.

Happy homeopathy, happy holidays!