Kali Bichromium

Kali Bichromium, or Potassium Bichromate, is a brilliant remedy to help clear your child's (or your) stubborn snot. It is the first remedy to think of acute sinusitis, and is not a remedy for the beginning of a cold, but works wonders for shrugging off snot that otherwise refuses to budge. Characteristically, the kind of snot that Kali Bic will help get rid of is tough, stringy or glue-like and is yellow or green. There may be a similar kind of discharge from the ears, throat or even the eyes. Your child might complain of a headache over their eyebrows, and if they're old enough to be able to do so, a feeling of pressure at the root of their nose. A few doses of Kali Bichromium will help the snot to be expelled and not to make a comeback. 

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