Calcarea Carbonica

Does your child suffer recurrent colds or ear infections? I couldn't run my practice without Calcarea Carbonica, or oyster shell. This mineral is indispensable for enabling children to build their immunity, boost tardy development and become less likely to develop coughs, colds and ear infections.

The child who typically would benefit from the homeopathic remedy Calcarea Carbonica is normally a little pudgy as they are enthusiastic eaters, loving especially dairy and eggs. They are also often sweaty, particularly around the head and neck, and their sweat, like their poo, can smell quite sour.

Calcarea Carbonica kids aren't the most confident as they tend to be worriers. Their worries can manifest in seeing monsters in the dark, which gives them nightmares. Things are easily exacerbated by images they see on TV. Despite this, Calcarea Carbonica kids are usually independent souls and will keep ploddingly slowly but determinedly (and stubbornly!) onwards till they get what they want.

If this brief profile rings any bells for you as a parent, please get in touch to find out how Calcarea Carbonica and other homeopathic remedies can help your child. Thanks for reading.