Top Ten kids' homeopathic remedies to have at home #7


Colocynthis for Colic

Colocynthis is an indispensable remedy for colic. Babies who draw their knees up into their abdomens and scream when suffering colic would benefit greatly from a dose of Colocynthis. 

The pains associated with this remedy are typically cramping, come in waves, and can sometimes be accompanied with vomiting or diarrhoea. The child is likely to be very irritable because of the pain, though the opposite is also true because moments of anger can sometimes bring on a Colocynthis state. 

The Colocynthis baby pulls its knees up to his or her chest as the pains are relieved by pressure. It is for this reason that Colocynthis babies like to be carried over their parent's shoulders or to lie on their abdomens, and older Colocynthis children may dig their firsts into their abdomens to relieve the pain.

If your child has bout of colic and their responses to the pain are like those described  here, give them Colocynthis 30 and watch their reaction. If the pain eases but then returns, give a further dose and continue doing this for up to 6 doses. 

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