Travel tips and homeopathy - Travel sickness

As school holidays are around the corner, I thought it might be the right time to look at how to deal with the complaints that can so easily take the edge off your summer break.

This week, we'll consider how to manage travel sickness and I will describe the two principal homeopathic remedies used.

Cocculus Indicus, or the India Berry, is for someone who suffers nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headaches or diarrhoea when travelling. The person who would benefit from taking this remedy needs to lie down still when their symptoms come on, feels much worse for fresh air and the sight or smell of food.

Tabacum, the homeopathic preparation of tobacco, is for someone with nausea and vomiting while in motion, and who might feel cold and dizzy. Differently to the previous remedy, the person who needs Tabacum feels better for fresh air and much worse for stuffy rooms. They will feel worse if they encounter any strong smells, especially tobacco.

If either of these symptom pictures match yourself or someone you know, then take the appropriate remedy in the 30th potency (potency refers to the strength of the remedy) in the following way: one tablet the day before a planned journey, another tablet just before leaving, and a third while travelling. After a few journeys using the best indicated remedy, the motion sickness often lessens and can sometimes stop entirely. A trusted stockist of homeopathic remedies is

In addition to these homeopathic remedies, Ginger is known to bring relief for symptoms of nausea and vomiting, not only while travelling. Crystallised ginger is not everyone's first choice of treat, but 2-3 pieces before a journey, and then the same amount at half hourly intervals while travelling can prove very helpful.

Happy homeopathic holidays!