Arnica moment

Hello and welcome. 

It is only right and proper that a homeopath's first blog entry should be about the Arnica Moment. The Arnica Moment is homeopathy's equivalent to the Eureka moment, happily minus the bath water and nudity, and it often goes something like this. 

One minute you're helping a friend shift some furniture, the next you've seriously thwacked your head and you are the proud owner of a boiled egg style swelling. That's the bad news. The good news is that your friend legs it upstairs, firstly to have a silent, sneaky laugh at your expense, but also to fetch some Arnica (see image). One tablet of homeopathic mountain daisy and you're looking in the mirror, watching the egg literally disappear before your very eyes. You take a few more doses over the next two days and that daisy has saved you from some seriously technicolor bruising. It's at this point that homeopathy shifts from the periphery of your awareness to take its place in your life as real way of getting better. 

My Arnica Moment wasn't actually with Arnica but with another indispensable homeopathic remedy called Natrum Muriaticum, or table salt. A homeopath friend of mine prescribed it for me when I was at one of life's crossroads and was struggling to find my way. The remedy's effect was to help me cut through a lot of doubt and confusion. It was a powerful catalyst: I wanted to find out more about how homeopathy works, so much so that 5 years later in 2006 I obtained my homeopathic license, and have been in practice since.

Thank you for reading, and though I don't wish you a bump on the head, I do wish you a very happy Arnica Moment.