Homeopathy for your child's nosebleeds

Hello. Here's how to help stop your child's nosebleed with homeopathy.

Lots of children suffer from nosebleeds. They can come as a result of an injury, or come along with colds or allergic reactions with a lot of sneezing. Frequent nosebleeds which don't abate despite the acute treatment described below require constitutional homeopathic help.

Before we look at the homeopathic remedies to help your child, here is some first aid advice that would apply in the case of simple nose bleeds where the trauma is not an emergency situation. 

St. John's ambulance advises to:

  1. Encourage the person to sit down. 
  2. Get them to lean forwards. 
  3. Ask them to breathe through their mouth and pinch the soft part of their nose, taking a short break every ten minutes until the bleeding stops. 
  4. Severe bleeding that lasts more than 30 minutes needs immediate medical help. 

In addition to the above advice, give the most suitable from the following homeopathic remedies in the 30th potency every five minutes until the bleeding stops for up to six doses. 


This is the first remedy to think of if the nosebleed comes as a result of an injury or blow to the nose, or indeed after overly enthusiastic nose picking (nice).


This remedy is suitable if the nose bleed comes on very suddenly and your child is shocked or afraid by it. 

Melilotus (pictured here)

This remedy suits a child with a very sudden, even explosive nosebleed, which comes on for no apparent reason. 


The child requiring this remedy is likely to suffer frequent nosebleeds. Phosphorus kids are characteristically extroverted and fun-loving, but also very sensitive and impressionable. They will be prone to coughs and colds. 

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