Homeopathy for growing pains

Hello all. This week I'd like to give a few simple tips on how to manage your child's growing pains using homeopathy. 

Children are most likely to complain of growing pains at night in their calves or thighs, but some kids do suffer abdominal pain during growth spurts, too. Homeopathy can help in both situations. 

There are two major homeopathic remedies to choose between: 

Calcarea Phosphorica

Think of this remedy in straightforward situations when your child has pains that are clearly linked to a growth spurt. 

Magnesium Phosphorica

Consider this very soothing remedy when your child experiences growing pains as a cramping sensation, especially when the cramping pain is made better by warmth. The cramps can be felt in the leg muscles or in the abdomen. 

Please consider seeking professional help if your child suffers acute growing pains on a regular basis. 

Give the appropriate remedy in the 30th potency, and repeat if necessary but take no more than three doses in one night. Visit www.helios.co.uk for high quality remedies, and don't hesitate to get in touch if I can give any further advice.