How to help stop your child bed wetting with homeopathy

Bed wetting can present a major frustration for parents who are already stretched to the limits, but who find themselves changing bed sheets in the middle of the night.

Causes of bed wetting can be physical or emotional. In a child who has previously been consistently dry at night, it is necessary to rule out bladder or kidney infections, though in such cases, the wetting will not be solely at night. Worms and spinal misalignment are another two physical causes. On the emotional side, anxiety-stirring events such as starting a new school, having a new sibling or moving house can be the trigger behind beginning to wet the bed. If this is the case, do factor it in while you're considering which remedy to prescribe for your child. 

Below is a shortlist of remedies for bed wetting. Choose the one that most closely matches your child's situation, and give in the 30th potency 3 times a day for 5 days. It may be that symptoms abate and then return, in which case give the remedy again in the same way. Should the symptoms keep recurring, seek professional help. 

Equisetum (Horse Tail) 

Consider this remedy if there are no obvious reasons why your child is wetting the bed, and if there is nothing that particularly distinguishes your child's situation. Consider it also if the bed wetting actually feels like it's simply a habit. The child needing this remedy can often have nightmares while they are wetting the bed. 


This child sleeps extremely deeply and then has such a sudden urge to wee that they either can't or don't wake up in time. This child will often dream they're weeing. 


This is for a mild, frequently tearful, often very clingy child, who will want want cuddles aplenty if they wet the bed. The Pulsatilla child will often feel the urge to wee if she lies on her back. 


This remedy suits a child who may display signs of bladder weakness other than bed wetting; they may wet themselves if they laugh, cough or sneeze, or when they get overexcited. The child who would benefit from Causticum is likely to be afraid of going to bed in the dark, and will usually wet the bed in the early part of the night. 

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